Our Case Studies

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Unlocking Performance and Security
Website Modernization for Franchise Business of a Billion Dollar Group based out of Middle East
We successfully undertook a major website modernization project for a prominent franchise business of a billion-dollar group in the Middle East.
Website Revamp
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Tech For Logistics
Development of a Smart Software Solution for Real-Time Location & Safety Tracking of Commercial Vehicles and Drivers.
Our company, a renowned provider of IT solutions and services, received an invitation from an international petrochemical company. The task at hand was ....
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ML and Automation Improves Claim Management
Accurate & Faster Claims Management with the help of ML & Automation
Valuescale, a leading digital transformation service provider, successfully implemented end-to-end digital solutions for claim management....
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24x7 Managed Services
Infrastructure and Management Support for Large Oil Producer Corporation.
The client required 24/7 infrastructure & management support for their extensive fleet of over 27,000 oil tankers. The challenge was to ensure the smooth operation of their technology infrastructure....